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Why Jobathon?

Why should you choose us?

We screen countless resumes to find the right talent for you.

Aggressive Sourcing Techniques

Our core strength is sourcing strategies, We leave no stone unturned as our approach is comprehensive.

Passive Candidates

Through our outbound activities, we mostly reach out to passive seekers with excellent job opportunities around.

Pre-screened Candidates

We offer you pre-screened, ready-to-recruit candidates, with the right qualifications.

Committed to your Success

We're so committed to your success, we guarantee that we will find that talent you need.

Save Time and Money with Jobathon

Save Time and Money

Every day around the world, millions of dollars are squandered on the hiring process. Jobathon was created on the back of superior technology and high-end expertise, to help you optimise the time, money and resources spent on recruiting fine talents.